list of exotic carts flavors

THC Cartridges are popular prefilled THC oil cartridges, used by stoners from the west to east coast. The products we sell are of premium quality so buy exotic carts. We get our exotic carts packaging from a list of producers on the American long list. This article is focus on the 2020 updated list of exotic carts flavors. The carts are seal at production stage and are open only at the final consumer stage. There are many different exotic carts and a lot of people produce fake exotic carts.

Thcvapeshop is back again with its extraordinary selection of vaping cartridges. We provide you here bellow with the exotic carts flavors available on our website at :

Exotic carts Flavors

The Gelato Exotic Cart Flavor comes with the best aroma gelato strain offers and also the same effects and properties. Read more in product description bellow:

Here are Exotic Carts Flavors ;

  1. Gelato
  2. Gorilla glue,
  3. DO-SI-DOS,
  4. Wedding cake,
  5. Skittles,
  6. Mars OG,
  7. Straw Nana,
  8. Sunset sherbet,
  9. GSC, Grape pie,
  10. Pineapple express,
  11. Mimosa,
  12. Apple Fritter,
  13. Purple Punch,
  14. Blackberry kush,
  15. Strawberry shortcake,
  16. Yoda OG,
  17. Forbidden Fruit,
  18. Kosher Kush,
  19. Lemonade,
  20. Cookies & Cream

These carts flavor list is property of thcvapeshop and all the flavors listed are above for purchase and free shipping is included.

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