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In efforts to curb smoking and present an alternative, vaping was introduced to Europe and America in 2006-2007, respectively. Since then, the U.S. vaping industry has progressed from strength to strength, persevering amid steady criticism, regulation, and controversy. Our shop thcvapeshop ( stands and always votes FOR vaping as the cigarette of tomorrow.

The number of vapers globally increased quickly from an estimated seven million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018, according to market research groups. It’s estimated that the number of adults who vape will reach nearly 55 million by 2021. Meanwhile, the United States is the biggest market, followed by the UK and France. Vapers in the three countries spent more than $10bn on smokeless tobacco and vaping products in 2018.

vaping 2020
vaping 2020


Despite its popularity, vaping has attracted negative press attention over the years as deaths were attributed, at least partially, to vaping. In September 2019, the Trump administration said it would ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes, amid the continued rise of teenage vaping and alleged vape-related illness concerns.

In January 2020, the U.S. has announced a countrywide ban on some e-cigarette flavors. However, vaping statistics show a continuous increase in consumption rate. With such trend, it has taken over the market of smokers over the continents.

Our top trending Vapes

At we have a wide variety of carts you can order for. We offer a great set of carts and their wide range of flavors. There are a few e-cigarettes which got off the market in 2020. However, top quality vapes manufacturers come up with new carts and vape flavors.

Some top trending vapes are available for purchase at the local thcvapeshop stores in various locations in the United States. The store located in California has reported Smart Carts to be their top seller product. Meanwhile we have our local store in New York and Chicago reporting Stiiizy Pods and Exotic Carts respectively.

smart cart flavors

Smart Carts packages have THC contents printed directly onto the package. Printing THC contents or other lab test results into the package just isn’t done in the regulated weed industry. The oils in Smart Carts are usually much thinner and “runnier” than the oils found in legit vape cartridges. A premium vape cartridge on sale at the official thcvapeshop website. The thcvapeshop is an Official manufacturer with lab test and results published on our journal. We are the official thcvapeshop selling THC in its highest manufactured state.

The available smart cart flavors for instant purchase are :

1. Purple Punch
2. Banana OG
3. Mimosa
4. Sour Diesel
5. Gelato
7. Skywalker OG
8. King Louis
9. Wedding Cake
10. BC

Exotic Carts Flavors

Exotic carts sales reports over the past years describes it as one of the most trending cartridges. Moreover, Exotic Carts are viewed as one of the most well known prefilled THC oil cartridges. They are 80-88% THC ALL NATURAL Extract Vape Cartridges . The selling point of thcvapeshop from its pure extracts, we stand out as an official store selling exotic carts with best THC levels. Avoid exotic carts fake manufacturers online for your own good health.

The carts are seal at production stage and are open only at the final consumer stage. There are multiple selling points from thcvape shop established in the US. So you can buy exotic cart online from and get deliver to your door step. Checkout our exotic carts review on our most recent post with 2020 updates on exotic carts.

Stiiizy Pod Flavors

Stiiizy pods flavors are some of the most widely demanded carts on the market. The best stiiizy pod comes out from thcvapeshop laboratories accompany with their test results. Buy official stiizzy online and get the best of it. Also, avoid fake stiiizy pods sold online by fake manufacturers.

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