Exotic Carts Review


Exotic carts review state opinions of all this carts consumers. Consequently you may find reviews on other cartridges like mario carts and smart carts. In this document, we will describe to you briefly what are exotic carts. After-worth, you will have a series of our customers reviews on our exotic carts.

exotic carts review
exotic carts review


There is thcvapeshop.com which is exotic carts official seller website for home delivery. They accept over 5 online payment methods and are swift and reliable.

exotic carts


Exotic carts are THC oil cartridge that are sold in a the various cannabis flavors its extracted from. Their THC concentrations intensity are expose to be 80-85%. Review for the lab test results we have perform are below.

The cannabis oil from Exotic carts has some decent strength, but independent lab tests expose the THC amount on their labels. Some of the cartridges test had 59% cannabinoids in total.


If you visit exotic cart sales company, many will keep telling you they are real. They will let you know others have fake exotic carts, so do not buy there. However, claiming they have the original but still can’t attest and some just rip you off.

THCVAPESHOP.COM clarifies you, it is all about the oil in the container. Bellow is the exotic carts review of someone who got a pre-filled with ‘BULLSHIT’ THC oil content.

This past week I have gone through 4 carts of the exotic vapes [2 Pinapple Express-2 strawberry shortcake] and this is what I learned… first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t getting the job done lol as they would. And I assumed it was maybe my tolerance UNTIL I SMOKED THE WHOLE CART WITH HARDLY ANY AFFECT. my mind was blown. The crappy part is that it took 3 carts for me to understand that little laylee got jipped ????????????‍♀️ (I’m the kind of bitch who cries when they get ripped off but doesn’t confront them lmao)
Basically 1: the only carts I’ve ever had short circuit my batteries
2: nasty burnt taste
3: package was completely sealed
4: I suspect CBD oil because I felt a buzz?
5: Didn’t do squat
I would just overall avoid these



Do not be lure with fake exotic carts for sale because of the packaging. Some just have brand vapes pens and fill it with a low THC intensity concentrate oil. This is a clear example from this exotic carts review bellow;

I recently bought an exotic cart Maui wowie, In the inside of the mouthpiece it has Exotic carts engraved all around it . Could this be a sign of legit ness??


Exotic cart have lab tested results and only certifies exotic cart official sales company can expose their results. Pup up on our page a review of an old consumer who has consume the original cart. The Exotic carts review bellow shows the intensity at which the product quality has been downgrading.

The truest carts out there were and still are one of the originals, are the Kurvana carts. They stated anywhere from 89-97 percent pure, and I can stake my life on it as well. They were so precise with their product that they even broke down each cannabinoid that was within the strain, along with the purity tests for pesticides, molds, bacteria etc. Everybody has got the exotics and the dank vapes and the mario crap as well. I mean EVERYBODY. It truly sucks and really puts a damper on the industry.



All these exotic carts review just show how little knowledge of this pure vaping product is out there. People have got to know, exotic carts for sale online can be good but keep an eye on the review and the THC OIL CONCENTRATION. All different from DMT vape(Psychedelics)

BUY REAL EXOTIC CARTS ONLINE at thcvapeshop.com and request an extract of their lab results. All real exotic cart reviews will be accompany with lab results. THCVAPESHOP is ready to share its lab results on the vaping concentrates for your own health and safety.

Feel Free to drop new REVIEWS bellow. Thanks for reading.

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    Wow, this is great. Got the same issue when i bought my exotic cart from a local store, no effects. This sounds good. How can i order

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